Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pretty Purple Crown Cookies

Ok, so my cousin in Alabama texts me and asks for me to make purple crown cookies for the girls group at her church.  That would mean that I would have to ship the cookies! Eeekkkk!!!!  I have never shipped cookies or any perishable product for that matter.  So to the University of Cookie I go!

I watched the vlog and went shopping.  After I bagged, wrapped, boxed, and boxed the cookies again, I prayed.  Boy oh boy was I a nervous wreck!  I did feel a little better once I got them out of Michigan and on their way to Alabama.  Once the cookies arrived, my cousin let me know that there were only a couple of casualties. Whew! I was not happy about the broken cookies but I was sure happy that they all did not break and made it to her on time.

And here is one of them....

Would I do it again?  Yes!  My cousin said that the cookies were a hit and the girls loved them.

Thanks for stretching me Veronica.

Love you to crumbs!

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