Friday, January 14, 2011

Sugar Cookie Truffles

Oh yeah! I have been trying to make these babies ever since I saw them on Cookies and Cups.  Go and check her out, she is awesome!

My plan was to give them out as treats for the new year at my church and work but I ended up sick! Boooo germs!!! Let me tell you, they taste like heaven! I used the recipe provided on the Cookies and Cups blog but made a couple of changes.  I used white Almond Bark instead of white chocolate chips and added cheesecake flavoring.  I have to say it, they were AMAZING!! 

I am still working on my dip, roll and set technique but I think that they turned out pretty good!  I am also looking into getting a better camera!  Sorry for the not so good quality pics.

Looks like a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles on top!!

I love pink!
The next time I make them I will use my sugar cookie recipe and white chocolate chips.  I have a few flavors in mind that I want to try and can't wait to try them!  Do you have any suggestions?

Love you to crumbs!